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hey, i know that this assignment must be personal, but i don't have time to do it, could you plea

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hey, i know that this assignment must be personal, but i don't have time to do it, could you please do it for me, just give like 8 common reflective point, just imagine that you where in my class, the speech were about concept speech, informative speech, commemorative speech and persuasive.

*Following your Speech 4, you will complete this end of semester reflection assignment.

*Upload your final reflection to Moodle > End of Semester Unit >Reflection Assignment

For the reflection assignment, please take the time to really examine and articulate your experiences from the class. You can choose what you would like to focus on most, but you must hit at least 8 points of reflection.

Given the nature of this assignment, paragraph form might feel better suited and provide you more freedom, but if you would like to use bullets, you can -- just as long as they provide depth to your reflection points.

Some ideas for reflection:

  • Think back to your persuasive speech or the persuasive speeches you saw in class. How were the speeches (or your individual speech) different and/or similar to what you expected? 
  • Think about watching your speech video. What was the experience like watching your own video? Were there things you noticed that you were unaware of before? If so, what? 
  • Which was your favorite speech to present? Why? 
  • How did the critique groups work for you? 
  • What was your favorite part of the class content? Why? 
  • How do you plan on implementing theories/skills/techniques we learned in class in the "real world"? 
  • What was the most challenging part of this course for you? Why? 
  • What do you feel you improved the most on?
  • Was this course different than you expected? Why? 
  • What worked well for you regarding the course? What didn't work well?
  • What was the most memorable part of the course content for you? Why? 

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