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Here is what my professor wants me to do: 

This week, you will begin a process that resemb

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Here is what my professor wants me to do: 

This week, you will begin a process that resembles a literature review.

In Week 6, you will focus on writing the introduction, including the purpose statement.

In Week 7, you will write research questions and hypotheses (if applicable) before submitting the comprehensive Application (a single document) to your instructor.

Review Chapter 2 and pp. 79?87 of Chapter 4 in the course text, Research Design and the "Literature Review" media segment. Find eight research articles based on the topic, research problem, and the main research question for your study.

Review the instructions for writing a summary of a study presented in the course text, Research Design, on pages 36?38.

Write a brief rationale for why you selected each item.

Identify a gap in the knowledge or potential deficiency apparent in your research articles to justify the research.

Identify articles that support or detract from existing research to justify the research study.

The assignment:

Prepare the following for this part of the assignment.

An APA-formatted reference list entry for each of the eight articles that you have found.

A one-paragraph summary, following Creswell's guidelines, of each article that you have found.

A brief rationale for the selection of each item. Within each rationale, identify any gaps in the knowledge or deficiencies that justify your research and whether not the article supports or detracts from existing research.

A draft title for your study

A potential research problem to investigate

A research question that could be answered by your study

3-5 keywords for an article search on your topic and two places to search

The scope of your study

A draft title for your study


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