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 I have already answer the question just need help with revising to be on master level work. Plea

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 I have already answer the question just need help with revising to be on master level work. Please see the attachment.

Here is the scenario: Gabby is in the fourth grade. She has mild mental retardation and has been fully included for all of her elementary school years. Gabby?s last IEP goal was to accurately count to 30 with one­to­one correspondence and add and subtract single digits under ten without regrouping. Gabby met all of her goals. She still has significant difficulty with number sense and works slowly. Modifications and adaptations suggested in Gabby?s IEP include using simplified language, manipulatives, and a non­grade level curriculum. Here is the question asked:


Gabby?s peers are working on place value using decimals. They are identifying ones, tens, hundredths, and thousandths place. What parallel activities could you plan for Gabby during this unit? ****In red is what I came up with please revised and


organize to fit the direction above.


Gabby?s goals for this unit can be to add and subtract two­digit numbers with regrouping


using place values. First, Gabby will be introduced to base­ten blocks (one cubes, ten rods) and how to count using them. If it does not confuse Gabby the teacher can teach Gabby that each base­ten block is related to a place value but if Gabby becomes confused the teacher will not introduce the place value vocabulary. When Gabby has mastered adding and subtracting using base­tens blocks without regrouping, Gabby can


then move to the concept of adding with regrouping using the base­ten blocks. If Gabby has mastered adding using base­ten blocks she can move to subtracting with regrouping using base­ten blocks. Gabby will need to apply what she has learned by


participating in the following activity ?Ten Block Place Value? This activity will focus on


addition and subtraction facts using tens blocks board. Have Gabby to add or subtract


different numbers to find the sum or difference with the teacher. Make sure to discuss


patterns that are revealed. Then allow Gabby time to create different problem for the


teacher to solve to guarantee understanding of the skill. For an extend activity allow


Gabby to implement her understanding on the computer with a place value program


called ?Standalone Apple?. Before Gabby implement her understanding the teacher will


need to demonstrate the use of the number board on the computer and allow time for


Gabby to practice adding or subtracting with number board on the computer. Identify


patterns as they become apparent. The number board is interactive and it allows for


self-check while Gabby interacting with the program. This site permits you to practice


working with the tens blocks board interactively using a calculator.


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